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JSpell Spell Checker SDK for the Java (tm) J2EE Platform  
JSpell SDK is a Spell Checker API for Java

The JSpell SDK for the Java (tm) Platform is our spell checker API for Java. The JSpell SDK is compatible with Java 1.4+.

Our SDK can be used to create standalone applications or client/server web based applications. The JSpell SDK has an easy to use Java Beans interface to create spell check enabled applications quickly and easily. The JSpell SDK for the Java (tm) Platform also has a low-level API for more sophisticated requirements.

Visit our online interactive demo of the JSpell SDK spell checker. The demo applet requires the Sun Java Plug-In. You will be prompted to download the plug-in from Sun if it is not installed.

Click here to load the JSpell interactive applet demo.

How Does It Work

The JSpell SDK can be used in a network or a standalone environment. The demonstration applet uses the network spell check API also referred to as our client-server API. The client-server API lets you create spell check enabled applets, or applications, without having to download an entire dictionary to the browser or Java client. Click to view the source code for this applet. The actual spell checking is taking place on the server inside of a Java Servlet. When you purchase the JSpell SDK you receive everything you need to run a Java Spell Check Servlet on your own equipment. If you prefer to create standalone applications then you can just as easily use the standalone API that comes with the JSpell SDK for the Java (tm) Platform to write spell check enabled Java applications.

Oracle, the new owners of the Java platform have recommended JSpell for use within their Oracle Forms platform. Oracle has prepared an article on how to use JSpell within their Oracle Forms product. You can view more information by clicking here (this link takes a moment to open, please be patient).

Some of the Features of the JSpell SDK Spell Checker for Java

Java API for spell checking using Java 1.4+
French, Italian, German, Spanish and English (American, Canadian, UK, and Australian) spell checker dictionaries are available.
Fully translated and localized spell checker GUI, users can see the spell checker buttons and dialog in their own language or a language of your choosing.
Includes both network and standalone spell checker API's to develop standalone applications with spell checking capability and web server applications with spell checking capability
High quality Wiki based documentation.
JSpell SDK for the Java (tm) Platform Spell Checker API in JavaDoc format.
Use the server-side API to implement an AJAX Spell Checker or just use JSpell Evolution.
Lots of sample code

Compact design takes up a minimal amount of space on your desktop

Enable or disable the ability to add words to dictionary
Includes built-in word filtering capability using an editable text file of disallowed words, e.g., implement a 'naughty word filter'.
Spell check server is hosted on your equipment, i.e., no dependence on third party servers and networks.
Comprehensive high speed dictionary refreshed with current events terminology
Recognizes standard chat acronyms - Internet and technology terms included
Ignores HTML tags
Operates through your firewall using standard HTTP protocols
Corrects simple capitalization errors
Spell check multiple Java text areas with a single click
Over 1 million words/second on a 1.6GHz CPU.
Free Trial Sale Pricing
Purchase Direct from Page Scholar to add support, languages or multiple products.