JSpell HTML is a Spell Checker for HTML Forms
Using JSpell HTML you can add spell checking capabilities to any HTML form on your web site. Our html form spell checker is in use by thousands of organizations around the world.

The JSpell HTML front-end supports any JavaScript enabled web browser. All major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and others have been tested for compatibility with JSpell HTML.

JSpell HTML is installed on your web server and is compatible with most backend server technology including: Java, JSP, ASP .NET, CGI, PHP, Oracle Forms and more.

Try the following demonstration of the JSpell HTML form spell checker using the provided quote or type your own text to see JSpell HTML at work.


Spell Check Random Quote
Looking for spellcheck as you type functionality? Try JSpell Evolution!
Otherwise, read on for more details about JSpell HTML.

Some of the Features of the JSpell HTML Form Spell Checker

Spell check one or more HTML form text fields and text areas with a single click.

Multilingual spell checker for English, French, Spanish, German & Italian. We have separate Australian, Canadian, UK and American English dictionaries. More languages available soon.

Fully translated and localized spell checker GUI, users can see the spell checker buttons and dialog in their own language or a language of your choosing.
Wide browser compatibility; only pure JavaScript used on the client. The server is compatible with JSP, J2EE, ASP .NET, and other dynamic page generation technology.
High quality documentation.
Supports Microsoft IIS, Apache PHP, Java J2EE based servers and more.
An easy to use Windows based installer is included for Microsoft IIS
Ability to run the form spell check process on a machine other than your web server (ASP .NET and PHP proxy scripts are included)
Use style sheets to customize the appearance of the spell checker.

Compact design takes up a minimal amount of space on your desktop

Highlights errors in HTML Forms
Enable or disable the ability to add words to dictionary
Includes built-in word filtering capability using an editable text file of disallowed words, e.g., implement a 'naughty word filter'.
SSL Compatible
Spell check server is hosted on your equipment, i.e., no dependence on third party servers and networks.
Comprehensive high speed dictionary refreshed with current events terminology
Recognizes standard chat acronyms - Internet and technology terms included
Ignores HTML tags
Operates through your firewall, does not require opening any ports
Corrects simple capitalization errors
In-process server is faster than any competing technology
Perfect for forums, blogs, wikis, social media, custom intranet applications, and more
All purchases include SIX MONTHS of FREE SUPPORT and UPGRADES
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