JSpell Evolution is an AJAX Based Spell Checker

JSpell Evolution adds spell check capabilities to standard HTML input elements and WYSIWYG editor controls such as TinyMCE, FCKEditor, etc. The JSpell Evolution spell checker supports an On-Demand mode of spell checking, similar to the "Google GMail Spell Checker".

When you click "Check Spelling", JSpell will automatically indicate the incorrect words in the following standard HTML TEXTAREA. You may continue to edit the text and when finished, click Done.


JSpell Evolution supports a real-time as you type spellcheck capability (see this spell check example using TinyMCE.

JSpell Evolution installs on your web server and is fully self-hosted.

JSpell Evolution works with standard HTML form input fields (<input type=text> and <textarea>), contentEditable DIV and IFrame controls, and most online WYSWIYG editors.

JSpell Evolution uses its own lightweight AJAX communication mechanism which is optimized for performance and reliability. The internal AJAX framework is not accessible from outside JSpell and it will not interfere with any existing AJAX framework that you may already be using. JSpell Evolution has been tested for compatibility with jQuery, Prototype, React, Angular and other JavaScript frameworks.

"Did You Mean?" Feature

Using JSpell Evolution you can also implement functionality similar to the "Did You Mean?" feature found on popular search engines such as Google Suggest. This capability allows you to automatically correct text that is entered into a field without requiring user intervention or refreshing a page for search results.

The correction will automatically remove repeated words and replace incorrect words (the incorrect word is replaced with the first suggested replacement that would normally be suggested by our spell checker engine).

The capability exists to build custom dictionaries that work against a specific vocabulary. For example, you could limit the suggestions to valid words in your search index, a parts database, etc.

Some of the Features of the JSpell Evolution AJAX Based Spell Checker

Spell check one or more editable text regions on a web page, including HTML textarea, HTML text input fields, IFrame and DIV based editors (TinyMCE, WYSIWYGPro, FCKEdit, etc.)

Multilingual spell checker for English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. We have separate Australian, Canadian, UK and American English dictionaries. More languages available soon.

Compatible with any existing AJAX framework, including Prototype, Dojo, XHConn, SAJAX, JSON and others.
SSL and HTTPS compatible AJAX implementation.
Multilingual "Did You Mean" functionality for real-time spell check feedback.
Patent pending left-click spell checker activation, preserves right-click functionality for existing applications.
Custom regular expression support. Add your own regular expression to ignore, for example, do not spell check any word longer than eight characters.
Fully translated and localized spell checker GUI, users can see the spell checker buttons and dialog in their own language or a language of your choosing.
Designed for modern Ajax capable web browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer 10+, Opera, Safari, Chrome
High quality documentation.
Supports Microsoft IIS, Apache PHP, Java J2EE based servers, Lotus Domino and more
Native installers for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X are provided.
Ability to run the spell check process on a machine other than your web server (ASP.NET and PHP proxy scripts are included)
Use style sheets to customize the appearance of the spell checker.

Compact design takes up a minimal amount of space on your desktop

Underline or highlight errors in forms when using any supported browser.
Enable or disable the ability to add words to dictionary
Includes built-in word filtering capability using an editable text file of disallowed words, e.g., implement a 'naughty word filter'.
Spell check server is hosted on your equipment, i.e., no dependence on third party servers and networks.
Comprehensive high speed dictionary refreshed with current events terminology
Recognizes standard chat acronyms - Internet and technology terms included
Ignores HTML tags
Operates through your firewall, does not require opening any ports
Corrects simple capitalization errors
Traditional popup style spell checking is supported with DHTML compatible browsers.
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