Cloud Spell Check API

Access the powerful JSpell spell check algorithm from your web app, mobile app or server application for free. Paid plans available with greater usage limits and technical support.

The API is a very simple JSON endpoint that accepts a string of text and will return an array of the misspelled words, their positions and the suggested replacements in order of their suggestion quality.

Get Started

The API supports the same features as the JSpell algorithm including support for English (US), English (GB), French, Spanish, German and Italian. Simply pass the language and country code pair, e.g. enGB as one of the request parameters and you will receive suggestions for that language and country pair.

The JSpell cloud spell checker API is managed by RapidAPI who handles all billing and usage tracking. But rest assured your spellcheck is being performed by the JSpell algorithm and is deployed worldwide on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure for high availability and performance.