Enterprise Purchasing and Pricing

JSpell is available as a subscription plan billed monthly to a credit card, through corporate direct purchasing and through our reseller network.

Subscription Plan

A subscription to JSpell may be purchased directly from the product pages:

Corporate Purchasing

The JSpell product has transitioned to an affordable recurring subscription model. However, we understand that some organizations are unable to use a recurring subscription plan for their JSpell licenses. In such cases please Contact Us directly for assistance and to request a quote from a sales representative.


We work with a number of corporate resellers to ease the purchasing process. Resellers are not able to process subscriptions and are only able to sell through our Corporate Purchasing program. Our current list of resellers include:

Legacy Support Renewals

If you have an existing JSpell license which is still under support then you may renew your JSpell license under the original terms of your JSpell purchase, which generally are 35% of the original license purchase per year for support. For any questions please Contact Us